NFT Collection Devil Degen


Devil Degen

Devil Degen

DevilDegen Genesis is a project of 5,500 NFTs, crafted by talented crossover artists and top crypto developers, these NFTs are very special to our community and will always be written on the Ethereum blockchain. DevilDegen is very unique in attributes and has collection value. For example, the crown attribute is very precious in all collections, and only 100 pieces have been produced in total. Some DevilDegen are unique (1 / 1). Remember, all DevilDegen love our community, which is unique and has created all the dark history in Metaverse space. Grab your DevilDegen, just like cherish your eyes, don't lose it.

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum Ethereum

  • Marketplace

    Devil Degen Secondary Marketplace n/a

  • Presale Date

    Presale Date August 8, 2022 12 AM (UTC)

  • Mint Date

    Mint Date August 8, 2022 12 AM (UTC)

  • Presale Price

    Presale Price n/a

  • Mint Price

    Mint Price 0.059 ETH

  • Collection Supply

    Collection Supply 5500

  • Traits

    Traits Count n/a

  • Twitter

    Twitter 1

  • Discord

    Discord n/a

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