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Edgy Eggs

Edgy Eggs

Live Mint on Website - White List spots announced in Discord building up to launch $88 paid in AVAX What are Edgy Eggs?
World's first Eggnite partnership and Yield earning Egg project on Avax.
We came to Chikn Farms with a basket of Eggs and offered them a way to boost their economy and support the farm with the full backing of the Edgy Egg Labs. Together the humble Barn will transform into a state of the art facility both above and underground... Avax NFTs reward $WORM within the Chikn ecosystem as the world's first Eggnite Partnership. Upgradable Eggs. 3D Vray designs.

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum Ethereum

  • Marketplace

    Edgy Eggs Secondary Marketplace n/a

  • Presale Date

    Presale Date n/a

  • Mint Date

    Mint Date November 12, 2022 12 AM (UTC)

  • Presale Price

    Presale Price n/a

  • Mint Price

    Mint Price 4 ETH

  • Collection Supply

    Collection Supply 10000

  • Traits

    Traits Count n/a

  • Twitter

    Twitter 1.2k

  • Discord

    Discord 591

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