NFT Collection Metamafia




The METAMAFIA NFT will produce a collection season 1 METAMAFIA LION of 100 pieces for leaders, and for memebers will pruduce season2 4949NFT and season3 4949NFT pieces. To be leaders in metamafia must mint and hold NFT metamafia lion then will get 5 free NFT from season2 for every leader and 10% of Season2 profits will be divided among the leaders , and 5 free NFT from season3 for every leader and 10% of season3 profits will be divided among the leaders.
Leaders will be able to recover their investment and double profits from season 2 and 3 .
METAMFIA will produce token , 10% of token will divided among the leaders holders .
METAMFIA will lunching our game metamafia play to earn , leaders a

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum Ethereum

  • Marketplace

    Metamafia Secondary Marketplace OpenSea

  • Presale Date

    Presale Date August 20, 2022 12 AM (UTC)

  • Mint Date

    Mint Date August 20, 2022 12 AM (UTC)

  • Presale Price

    Presale Price 0.25 ETH

  • Mint Price

    Mint Price 0.3 ETH

  • Collection Supply

    Collection Supply 100

  • Traits

    Traits Count 10

  • Twitter

    Twitter 1.2k

  • Discord

    Discord n/a

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