NFT Collection Michiface




Michiface is a project that will consist of three different collection pixel, 3d and baby michiface nft the project is to have a total of 10000 nfts in total , each one with different traits, skin color and designs the project was created with the utility that create / act as a source of a passive income for the collectors / the holders of the michifaces by opening a clothe brand, in which each time a collectors michiface is used to design a cloth and the cloth is sold from the company the holder/collector automatically receives a percentage to his/her ethereum wallet. Buying a michiface nft is not just buying a piece of art, but is an investment that will yield long term profits

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum Ethereum

  • Marketplace

    Michiface Secondary Marketplace OpenSea

  • Presale Date

    Presale Date November 19, 2022 12 AM (UTC)

  • Mint Date

    Mint Date November 23, 2022 12 AM (UTC)

  • Presale Price

    Presale Price 0.1 ETH

  • Mint Price

    Mint Price 0.2 ETH

  • Collection Supply

    Collection Supply 3000

  • Traits

    Traits Count n/a

  • Twitter

    Twitter 151

  • Discord

    Discord 127

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