NFT Collection NoodiLand! Dream Potion


NoodiLand! Dream Potion

NoodiLand! Dream Potion

๐Ÿ‘‰ The Dream Potion is your pass to the upcoming Pre-Sale Noodi mint. NoodiLand is a Stake-to-Earn NFT project featuring in-game consumables in addition to dynamic characters that evolve as holders dive deeper and participate in the ecosystem. Once fully deployed, holders will be able to connect their wallets to NoodiLand, view their inventory, and see the requirements necessary (ie, 3 food, 1 drink, 1 play, 2 medicine) to help their Noodi evolve (NoodiLUTION!).

  • Blockchain

    Polygon Polygon

  • Marketplace

    NoodiLand! Dream Potion Secondary Marketplace n/a

  • Presale Date

    Presale Date November 30, 2022 12 AM (UTC)

  • Mint Date

    Mint Date November 30, 2022 12 AM (UTC)

  • Presale Price

    Presale Price n/a

  • Mint Price

    Mint Price 5 MATIC

  • Collection Supply

    Collection Supply 2222

  • Traits

    Traits Count n/a

  • Twitter

    Twitter 1.5k

  • Discord

    Discord n/a

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