NFT Collection Opus-Labs Maestro Collection


Opus-Labs Maestro Collection

Opus-Labs Maestro Collection

PRE-SALE MINT DATE: OCT 1st to Nov 1st or until sold out; Pre-Sale is WL only and First Come, First Served Basis

Payable in USDC on ETH Chain or USD via credit card

** Multiple NFTs are available for purchase in tiers during Pre-Sale only. - see discord for details

Public sale on any remaining NFTs after pre-sale

NOTE: ONLY 1 WL permitted per member; duplicates will be disqualified

** Please only register if you intend to mint **

Opus-Labs is a cutting-edge web3 business that is launching a unique utility-empowered NFT collection. Utility NFTs are revolutionizing web3 and Opus-Labs is the brand that will help define this moment in history.

The mission is simple: Opus-Labs will empower the most recognizable and influential global brands to launch NFTs and interact with the Blockchain in a variety of ways. This project will use all of the advantages of NFT and blockchain technology, including the art, social engagement, efficiency and security, to inspire customers and fans of the brands they serve. There is a strong growth trajectory with several exciting 2022/2023 initiatives and Opus-Labs is poised to propel their partners into the web3 era.

From concept to execution, maintenance, and continuing education, Opus-Labs is THE one stop shop for these businesses to launch NFT products and projects and take advantage of blockchain technology.

Credibility: At its core, Opus-Labs is simply unsurpassed in prior business success. Five founders have a collective experience of more than 200 years IRL businesses. Together they bring iron-clad credibility, deep network connections, and vast knowledge locked up in their respective operations.

One of the 8 businesses CEO Bryan Ottens owns is a music industry company that will celebrate 100 years of success in 2026. Bryan is on the NAMM Board of Directors and he has direct access to the CEO’s of industry giants such as Shure and Gibson Guitars. In addition to his portfolio of private businesses that generate over $100M/year in sales across multiple industries, Bryan also has a 7 figure NFT and crypto portfolio.

The founders understand what is required to initiate smart contracts and navigate the legalities around their use and they are savvy in pop culture, collectibles, graphic arts and media. This team is a tour de force; as an example they have successfully commissioned world-renowned Paul Tobin to design the first NFT collection. Ex weta workshop, he is the concept artist for movies such as the Hobbit, Avatar, Chronicles of Narnia, Blade Runner etc . ( ).

Primary Longer Term Utility: The project will begin by onboarding web2 music industry manufacturing giants into web3. Opus-labs will provide the full A-Z service to these companies to bring their own NFT products and services to life on the Opus-labs platform. Expect a growing stream of high value clients as Bryan and his team initiate projects already in the pipeline. Scaling is inevitable and an unrivaled web3 brand will expand globally.

Primary Shorter Term Utilities: Lead times for web2 businesses can be longer than web3 attention! Opus-Labs knows this well and so has introduced several shorter-term utilities to complement the brands vision for the long term:
★ Opus will launch Rock Money, NFT collection by Scott Page (Pink Floyd)
★ Alpha from blue-chip NFTs held by Opus-Labs Treasury
★ Educational Classes focused on life skills, investment strategies, entrepreneurship, etc taught by Opus founders
★ Community scholarship & intern program focused on web3
★ Discounts on premium music products (restrictions apply) - never pay retail again

The Genesis Collection: Opus-Labs is releasing their own unique NFT collection called “Maestros” that will stand out in the NFT space. The collection will be a limited supply of unique pieces of art, with Paul Tobin's detailed design forming the basis of all trait layering. Notwithstanding the straight art value, there is an ingenious and unique tier level of rewards that has not been seen before.
➔ A legendary maestro NFT will give you free mints to ALL onboarded projects in perpetuity.
➔ Epic maestros receive automatic Allow-List + 50% discount on all new mints,
➔ Ultra-Rare receive automatic Allow-List + 25% discount and
➔ Rare will get automatic Allow-List to all future projects that partner with Opus-labs.

The last ingredient needed for a truly sustainable and successful NFT project is a strong, vibrant and committed community that has a close relationship with the founders. Opus-labs has spent time curating such a community and the Founders are now excited to welcome in the next wave of members to join the limited allow-list opportunity.

Partnerships & Twitter SPACE Series: Opus has already successfully hosted a high quality space with famous rock musician and tech entrepreneur, Scott Page (member of e.g. Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Toto). Scott is a brand ambassador for Opus-labs and he has also strategically partnered with Opus-labs to launch Rock Money, his NFT collection which will feature previously unreleased photos of classic rock juggernauts such as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and The Who.

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum Ethereum

  • Marketplace

    Opus-Labs Maestro Collection Secondary Marketplace n/a

  • Presale Date

    Presale Date October 1, 2022 02 PM (UTC)

  • Mint Date

    Mint Date November 1, 2022 02 PM (UTC)

  • Presale Price

    Presale Price 1.1 ETH

  • Mint Price

    Mint Price 1.1 ETH

  • Collection Supply

    Collection Supply 3333

  • Traits

    Traits Count 4

  • Twitter

    Twitter 5.2k

  • Discord

    Discord 1.8k

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